I Heart You, Valentine! DIY Heart-Shaped Crayons

Do you have a toddler? Kid? Then perhaps you have a lot of broken crayons in your house too? Turn those broken crayons into Valentine’s Day gifts with my simple tutorial. This is seriously a no-fail, simple activity. Low on time-investiment and high on super cute outcome!


1. Broken crayons (I used multiple brands and sizes)

2. One silicone heart mould tray

3. Oven

4. Baking tray

To Do:

1. Peel the papers off of your crayons if they still reside there.

Next task: Find a use for these pretties!

Next task: Find a use for these pretties

"Those crayons are nakie!"

“Those crayons are nakie!”

2. Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

3. Break crayons down further to fit into the moulds. Great stress relief — snap! snap! crack!

Heart tray + broken crayons

Heart moulds + broken crayons = Meant to be

4. Put broken crayons into moulds. There does not appear to be a right or wrong way to do this. I stacked some vertically, others horizontally, and most were a little of both. I piled them as high as the top of the moulds.

So exciting!

So exciting!

5. Place your heart moulds onto a baking tray and place in oven for 15-18 minutes. We have a baking tray that is too gross to use but have not parted with it yet, so I used that in case there was spillover. There was no spillover.

6. Take tray out of the oven after 18 minutes and put it on the stovetop to cool. The crayons in all but two center hearts had completely melted after 15 minutes. I would not exceed 18 minutes of oven time.

Melted Crayons

Melted Crayons

7. After an hour of cooling, pop those hardened hearts out of the mould.

Look good enough to eat! But don't!

Look good enough to eat! But don’t!

Pop out so cleanly!

Pop out so cleanly!

I'm obsessed with these fun colors!

I’m obsessed with these fun colors!

That’s it! Now you have fantastic gifts! I’m going to give one to Phee’s friends along with a Valentine’s Day sticker sheet! Simple, fun and satisfying to make, and a cute way to share the love with the littles on Valentine’s Day and beyond!

16 thoughts on “I Heart You, Valentine! DIY Heart-Shaped Crayons

  1. Thank you for sharing this . I will forward to my daughter in-law. My grandson Brax loves to peel the paper off the crayons! Lol ….he will sit there for hours peeling . Such a silly little guy. This project is right up his alley . No more peeling . Lol

    How was your baby shower . That selfie you posted is so cute ! You carry a baby very well . Are you Tall ? That little princess will be here before you know it. Do y’all have a name for her ?

    Well I have to stay on track today!!!! Finishing up MerMan … Boy mermaids …I was making to many girl items. My head spins with all the stuff I want to make ! Key word WANT !!! Lol

    Happy Sewing, MA

    Ps I deleted that thing on Etsy find Yours … If you have time can you send that to me again . Thanks so much for all your help again Gillian ! Your the bomb 💁

    Sent from my iPad


    • Peeling the paper off is the most tedious part for the parents, but kids love it, so this will be perfect for your grandson and daughter-in-law! I’ll resend the Etsy message — remind me if pregnancy brain kicks in! 😉

  2. These turned out so cute! I tried this once years ago. I used some cheap off brand crayons that didn’t melt well. The ingredients in the crayons separated when melted. Only me! Lol. Good job, mama!

    • Oh good to know! I just used what we had — Crayola regular crayons, Crayola washable crayons, and Faber-Castell beeswax crayons. I was worried mixing them up might end up badly, but it didn’t. Might have been beginners luck for me! 🙂

  3. hey I just tried making these hearts today. They turned out great. My only regret is not filling the heart to the top. Next time for sure. I made 3 batches of 8. Thanks so much for sharing.

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