Happy Christmas! Kidding, But Also Some Notes About Christmas Orders

It’s November 1st, so Happy Christmas!! Right? I’m not a fan of Christmas starting so soon either, but I wanted to post an early heads up about holiday ordering. Just so we’re all on the same page before we all get busy with the spirit of the holidays. Yayyyyy!!!!

Business As Usual: Just to remind you, every item listed in my Etsy shop is always ready-to-ship in 1-2 days! If you want a custom fabric or special sizing on an item I already sell, I’m happy to do that any time, but there is usually a 1-2 week wait on those items and custom fees starting at $5.

Holiday Orders: If you want your ready-to-ship or made-to-order items in time for Hanukkah and Christmas, well, we have some deadlines outlined below because we apparently don’t have shipping by owl mail yet:

Re-cap: Your holiday custom/made-to-order requests should be made by December 5th to give me enough time to order supplies, make your items, and ship them First Class.

Depending on your shipping preferences, order deadlines for ready-to-ship are as early December 18 or as late as December 22. 

Thanks In Advance: Handmade for the holidays takes a bit of pre-planning, but if you are a fan of handmade and supporting small business, you know it’s worth it! It certainly means the world to me!

Image credit: mygreenaustraila.com

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