Stuffing Up For Crazy Shopping Weekend

That time of the year is quickly approaching! When we gather with our family and eat tons o’ food in preparation to shop all weekend long. It is what the Great Thanksgiving Turkey wants us to do, right?

As soon as you finish the last crumb of stuffing you know you’re carbed up and ready to shop. And you’ll need all of that cranberry sauce zing because you’ve got Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, Sell Your Soul Sunday (I think I made that one up), and Cyber Monday ahead of you. Buy buy buy buy buy! Deal deal deal deal deal! More more more more more!

So while you’re still at the shopping-marathon-preparation feast, don’t forget to analyze your family members while pretending to make small-talk…is Uncle Joe worth a shaving kit or a tin of popcorn? He did just take the last warm roll. *side-eye emoji* And your cousin’s baby. Does he even deserve a gift for crying through dessert? Probably not. Just kidding. Oh man I wanted to be ruthless and stick that joke, but I felt bad for your cousin’s crying baby. *ashamed emoji*

So what is a small shop-owner who isn’t into this insane shopping weekend to do? Join them, sorta. I won’t be queuing outside of any shops. But I will be manning my own shop (here)  and trying to bring a little levity to your shopping experience.

First, I’m running these deals Friday-Monday.

No extra coupon codes to remember. Simples! But do note that my napkin supply is unlimited. But I only have 6 pouches. And once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Second, On Sell Your Soul Sunday, I will be posting celebration dances on Facebook, IG Stories, and maybe Twitter too, for the cool kids. I haven’t figured out the logistics but follow me to see how this ends up! Bonus: I lost my rhythm so this will be extra fun! *uncoordinated running man gif*

Enjoy your Thanksgiving for real. Now is especially a time to be thankful…I’m thankful for my husband and girls who make me laugh every day. I’m thankful for my friends who have been with me through some rough days. I’m thankful for my growing business that gives me a creative outlet, enjoyable customer interaction, and a title in addition to my favorite one–mom.

Happy Thanksgiving! And do have a fun crazy shopping weekend too! Real talk, if I were more organized I would probably be out grabbing deals too.

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