This is For The Board Kids (It’s A Pun)

Sooo… We’re here in that not-so-fun part of winter. December is all about twinkle lights and hoping for snow and crackling fires and magic!! Come mid-January, however, we’re cooped up, rolling in muddy snow piles, we’re itching for spring and prolonged outdoor time that is still so far away and kids are getting “bored.”

But I have some game suggestions for those cooped up yucky days with bored preschoolers and toddlers. These are my favorite because they promote cooperation, creativity, and cognitive skills!

Most of all, these games are seriously so fun! And this not an ad, these are just games we all love playing together! Happy kids, happy parents, happy family time! I’ve shared Amazon links to my suggestions below, but look for these at your local toy store first!

Obstacles by Eeboo – Ages 5+ 

We’re all pretty much obsessed with this game. The premise is that you are trying to get home and there are path cards with obstacles on them. And you have “tool” cards that you use in creative ways to overcome an obstacle. We have so much fun being creative and very silly. My 5-year-old even made her own obstacle cards — a snow storm, leaf tower, and meteor shower.

Obstacles by EeBoo
“Oh no!! There is a lion in the path! I’ll use this giant fan to blow him out of the way!”

Stone Soup by Peaceable Kingdom – Ages 5+

It’s basically a memory game but cuter! You match soup ingredients and then put the matches in the soup pot to cook them up! The trick is to find all the matches before you overturn ten “fire out” cards. Once the fire is out, you can’t cook the soup anymore! The game also includes the story of stone soup. We like to  play the game and then read the story after.

Stone Soup
This game is on fire!

Melissa and Doug Wooden Board Puzzles – Ages 18mo+ 

Fun for my 2-year-old especially, but my 5-year-old joins in the fun too! And the puzzles are sturdy and made of wood, so they are easy for kids to manipulate. Puzzle play without the frustration of bent pieces. We’re game!

Melissa and Doug wood puzzles
Spending winter under the sea!

What games do you guys like to play? How else do you play/connect on these cooped up winter days? Tell me in the comments below or pop on over to @penandthimble on Instagram to tell me how you play indoors on these winter days.

Amazon Links: Obstacles,Stone Soup, Melissa And Doug Wood Puzzle

3 thoughts on “This is For The Board Kids (It’s A Pun)

  1. I really love Turtle Picnic. It’s an adorable matching game with 3-dimensional turtles. Also, Othello. My kids learned to play without the diagonals at first because they didn’t recognize diagonals. After a couple of years, we added them in. I also love imaginative play with Playmobil and Lego sets.

    Also, how is Phee five? Not possible.


    1. How is she 5 because I know your youngest is still 5 and climbing up on cupboards too! So weird how that happens!!
      Turtle Picnic is happening!! I’ll have to go looking for it!! We are all about legos here. But they aren’t my favorite at the moment as I had a cliched run in with one two night ago. My pride and foot still are hurting. Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There is a really good book (if you are brave enough to go with Legos) – The Lego Ideas Book. It has some cool instructions and ideas without being about the marketing. It gives step-by-step instructions even for pre-readers. Squish put together the Scooby Mystery Mansion by himself when he was eight because he had practiced with the instructions.


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