Convenience vs. Waste Free

I rely on convenience, schedules, and habits to carry me through exhausting days and busy weeks. And as I’m making more of an effort to reduce my waste, I find that even the smallest waste-free step can challenge convenience, my habits, and my schedule.⠀

When I come up against the battle between convenience and my waste reduction goals I could just say, “I don’t have time for this!” And I would be right. But I also want to make time for this. So I’m starting to turn each defeated “what can I do” moment into a better question…⠀

How can I make less waste more convenient?⠀

I can put paper towels under the sink in the cabinet with the baby lock, so the only time I use them is mindfully. I can have my cloth towels and kitchen rags handy so it’s a no-brainer to use them. I can put our reusable grocery bags in the trunks of both of our cars right after we put the groceries away. I can have enough reusable sandwich and snack baggies available for the week. I can make quality handmade products that encourage less waste for other families on a similar journey. ⠀

Truth: Convenience makes waste. I want convenience and less waste. So the question is: How can I make less waste more convenient?

Making the decision to waste less has meant taking the time up front to create new systems, new habits, and to research the best waste-free methods or tools for my family. But from that initial convenience-disrupting work has come a new convenience that keeps me going through those tired, busy, brain fatigued days… while I make less waste!

What is your biggest convenience vs waste challenge? How can you make less waste more convenient?

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