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Shortly after my first child was born, nearly five years ago, I convinced a few of my girlfriends to take a sewing class with me so I could learn to hem pants. (We are a short-legged family.) At this point I didn’t even know how to thread a needle and I was more than a little intimidated by the sewing machines. I was by far the worst in the class. But that didn’t matter. I was so in love with sewing!

I left that class, bought a sewing machine, and taught myself to sew by sewing nearly every day. Any pattern I could find–bags, costumes, iPad case for my husband, anything my toddler would like. Making things with my own two hands (and my trusty machine Maggie) was so empowering, entertaining, and satisfying. I finally had found “me.”

But sewing really became my passion when I started designing and crafting useful items–bibs that covered my toddler and kept her dry while she ate, teething toys that engaged my second baby, bibs that absorbed tons of teething drool! I was like, “Whoa! I want to make these for other moms too!”

I love that I share my passion with you! I thrive on creating useful, effective items for moms who just need the baby and kid things to do what they’re supposed to. And while I do that, I’m striving to make moms happy–happy that you got what you paid for, that you have one less ill-timed outfit change to worry about. I always want to know how can I help you? How can I make your day brighter? Seriously! Feel free to tell me!

To check out more of my story, meet my little creative inspirations, and join our online community to laugh about the trials of raising little ones, check me out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @penandthimble

Or join my monthly email list for exclusive sneak peeks, mom-talk, and behind-the-scenes looks. It’s really more like a little goodie bag delivered to your inbox just once-a-month because no one likes spam! I don’t run sales or promotions often, but when I do, my email group knows about them first! 🙂 Sign up here: bit.ly/ampmail

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