About Me & My Mission for pen&thimble

We get really excited about responsibly-made, free-trade certified cotton fabric!

I’m Gillian Freeman — a mom of two, maker, pun-expert, and beginner yogi for life– on my own journey to reduce my waste production in business and everyday life. It isn’t perfect but it’s progress and I’m striving to do better everyday.

My mission is to go create quality, long-lasting, eco-friendly paper and plastic alternatives in my pen&thimble studio. Like our super absorbent unpaper napkins for everyday use, reusable waterproof snack bags and utensil cases for school and snacks-on-the-go, reusable produce bags for plastic free apple gathering at the market, placemats for Montessori school, and more!

I believe that one of the best ways we can reduce waste is to be able to talk about it without it being a competition, super judgmental, or a huge all-or-nothing zero waste buy-in. If you want a safe space to talk waste reduction and get some inspiration, join me over on Instagram (@penandthimble) where we can talk about our waste-free journey, no matter how perfect or imperfect, and cheer each other on and inspire those small steps and mis-steps (yes those too) that amount to big changes!