Thank you! Pen&thimble exists because of customers like you! Customers who value the quality, care, and love sewn into handmade goods. Customers who see my carefully-chosen bright and happy fabrics and think of their children!


My name is Gillian Freeman and creating with needle and thread is my passion. I thrive creating useful and effective items. And while I do that, I’m striving to make moms happy — happy that you got what you paid for, that you can buy and gift assured it’s always quality product. I always want to know how can I help you.

How can I make your day brighter? Seriously! Feel free to tell me! I’m happiest when I’m playing with my girls, sewing in my studio, and thinking up new ways to make my customers happy!

An oldie of me and my first (she’s 5 now)!

Everything  I offer online and in select retail shops are made with my two hands (and my sewing machines) and are carefully handcrafted and triple-checked to ensure quality and durability. My main goals when creating items:

  • they do what they’re supposed to do
  • are safe (all items are CPSC certified for Children’s Products)
  • easy to care for
  • last well beyond your first kid
  • fun & bright
  • make children & their caregivers happy

To check out more of my story, meet my little creative inspirations, and join our online community to laugh about the trials of raising little ones, check me out on Instagram and Facebook: @penandthimble everywhere!

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