pen&thimble is all about creating eco-friendly products for the whole family with bright colors and prints that pop!

I make not for the sake of adding more things to a thing-filled world, but to reduce my own consumption, single-use plastics, and waste. I think of what I do as making tools. Bright, fun, and durable tools that highlight the small yet effective steps in the less-waste movement.

I’m Gillian Freeman — a mom of two, wife, maker, yoga and running lover — on my own journey to reduce my waste production in business and everyday life.

In 2019, I’ll  be launching new products and new spins on classic products to help you on your own path to minimize waste — whatever that looks like for you. Wasting less is a process that I’m in the early stages of myself. This year, my blog will dig deeper into my own journey to waste less and balance making with my own waste reducing goals in my business and personal life. It’s not perfect. Join me!

To check out more of my story, meet my little creative inspirations, and join our online community to laugh about the trials of raising little ones, check me out on Instagram and Facebook: @penandthimble everywhere!

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