Color The Rainbow…Then Eat It!

Is it just me or do fall/winter meals take way longer to prepare? Suddenly I find myself serving dinner at 6:30 when I started chopping at 5:30, because I forgot that roasting all those brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and squash takes way longer than grilling up a protein to serve with a salad. So instead … Continue reading Color The Rainbow…Then Eat It!

Back-To-School Never Looked So Cool!

In the month of August I made, packaged, and shipped 269 items. Most of which were placemats and napkins for back-to-school! I've been seeing pictures of our napkins in lunch boxes going to school (and coming back--yay)! Placemats heading to Montessori classrooms!   Back-to-school has been SO fun on the business end and on the personal … Continue reading Back-To-School Never Looked So Cool!

Table Tales — Stories and Snacks

I hear you. You want sets! It took a number of custom orders for me to realize it, but I get it now! So in the past week, I've started adding placemat and napkin sets to the shop. And I'm especially excited about these first offerings because they promise to bring whimsical tales to your next snack … Continue reading Table Tales — Stories and Snacks