pen&thimble for spring&summer

I am so excited for warm weather! Thinking about those family picnics, hot days at the museum, park playdates, camp, and swim classes. And my featured spring&summer prints go so well with it ALL!

Napkins on the work table. They look like fabric balloons!

Primary Pandas


Lunch Buddies


Science Center


Picnic Pals


Mealtime Magic


What print is your favorite? Choose from these featured prints and many more at my Etsy shop. Or make your own 4-placemat or 5-napkin bundle!

I personalize too! It’s simple to add that option in most listings in my Etsy shop!

I Heart You, Valentine! DIY Heart-Shaped Crayons

It’s time to make some bright and colorful Valentine’s Day treats! Reblogging this oldie but goodie!


Do you have a toddler? Kid? Then perhaps you have a lot of broken crayons in your house too? Turn those broken crayons into Valentine’s Day gifts with my simple tutorial. This is seriously a no-fail, simple activity. Low on time-investiment and high on super cute outcome!


1. Broken crayons (I used multiple brands and sizes)

2. One silicone heart mould tray

3. Oven

4. Baking tray

To Do:

1. Peel the papers off of your crayons if they still reside there.

Next task: Find a use for these pretties! Next task: Find a use for these pretties

"Those crayons are nakie!" “Those crayons are nakie!”

2. Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

3. Break crayons down further to fit into the moulds. Great stress relief — snap! snap! crack!

Heart tray + broken crayons Heart moulds + broken crayons = Meant to be

4. Put broken crayons into moulds. There does not appear to be a right or wrong way to do this. I…

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The Answer To That Question You Want to Ask Me…

Moms, fellow-handmakers, family members tend to have the same question for me… How do I get it all done? The mom-ing of two girls (4 and 2 years-old) and the making and running my business. The answer is a two-parter.

Working from home with pen&thimble
Sewing with my first in my lap

Part One: I don’t. I don’t even try. You know how you vacuum every week? Mop a few times a week? Make those adorable plates for lunch with food art? I don’t do that. I do enough to keep the house clean and free of bugs. Beyond that, I’m okay with the odd dust bunny or smudge on the wall. I’m the queen of doing what my husband would consider two loads of laundry in one. Dump it all in. Press the buttons. Sew. Make snacks. Fold. Haha! One and done! Easy peasy!

Part Two: With a two-year old in my lap. I do it all with her in my lap. I eat breakfast with her in my lap. I work with her in my lap. (BTW, She says “hiiieeee”. She’s sitting on my lap right now as I write this.) I eat lunch with her in my lap. She takes a nap–you guessed it — in my lap! I fold those huge loads of laundry while she’s in my lap (or in the basket). 🙂 I eat dinner with her in my lap.

attachment parenting
Pre-Nap Snack In My Lap

Haha! While that is no exaggeration, she does leave my lap sometimes. When that happens, I grab a quick run on the treadmill, cut and iron fabric, or run around with her! It’s a good life guys. I’m super grateful that I get to stay home with my girls and play with them, listen to their stories and songs, console them, and design and sew my heart out.

It is never lost on me that I get to enjoy my two passions every day– mom-ing and making!

attachement parenting, toddler in my lap
Smurfs in the studio

How do YOU get it all done? What does “getting it all done” mean to you? Tell me below in the comments or come over to the pen&thimble Facebook page to discuss!

Mom working from home