Back-To-School Never Looked So Cool!

In the month of August I made, packaged, and shipped 269 items. Most of which were placemats and napkins for back-to-school! I've been seeing pictures of our napkins in lunch boxes going to school (and coming back--yay)! Placemats heading to Montessori classrooms!   Back-to-school has been SO fun on the business end and on the personal … Continue reading Back-To-School Never Looked So Cool!

Bubbles, Wands, and Magic That Sticks

Last weekend, my four year-old asked if we could make an evil potion. I said what any mom would... "Sure! How about a bubble potion that turns people into frogs!" (An idea I stole from that one episode of Bubble Guppies we have on our DVR.) She thought it was a marvelous idea! After a … Continue reading Bubbles, Wands, and Magic That Sticks

Do I Look Like Santa? Imagination + Costume Bin = Our Summer

Both of my girls have been BIG into dress-up this summer! And it is getting hilariously whacky and fun! It started off as putting on a princess dress and claiming to be... a princess. But lately, their imaginations and costume bins are taking them to amazing pretend-play places! July Dress-Up Photo Gallery Crowns For All … Continue reading Do I Look Like Santa? Imagination + Costume Bin = Our Summer

Summer is For Stitches

Poison Ivy isn't the only thing I've gotten into this summer! I've also been sewing my heart out! (See what I've been working on at gillianstitches) But I haven't been cooped up in the studio! No... I'm out in the backyard, on the deck while the girls splash in the paddling pool, long car rides across 5 … Continue reading Summer is For Stitches