A Long Goodbye, A Sale, And Time Travel. All In One Short Blog Post!

So… This post is difficult to write but also exciting. That’s what growth is a lot of the time I guess… difficult and exciting?

Saying Goodbye

I’m saying goodbye to the baby items in my Etsy shop. Goodbye, bandana bibs! Goodbye, teething toys! It was a difficult decision, but one I’m super excited about. Did I say excited? Hear me out!

Exciting Thing Number One: 30% Off Sale

Yes! Same pen&thimble quality and care at a clearance-sale price! Super absorbent bandana bibs are now $7 each. Teething toys that crinkle and snap onto an organic maple wood ring are now $9.10 — that’s nearly $4 savings!

Baby sale items can be conveniently found in the Baby Bibs + Toys 30% Off section in my Etsy Shop. No coupon codes to worry about at checkout. The sale price is already applied!


Exciting Thing Number Two: More Time To Make More Of What YOU Want

As your kids have grown, and my kids have grown, so have the offerings in my shop. But now I have so many different types of things for different ages and I find I’m struggling to keep them all stocked.

And I still want to be the sole-maker in this business — to know that quality and double-checks and care have gone into each item that I create and sell. And I still want to play with my family on the weekend. I want it all.

While trying to figure out how to get more time, I did write down “time travel.” They say to write EVERYTHING down when brainstorming! Haha!

So to make more of the things YOU want– which is overwhelmingly napkins, placemats, zipper pouches, and crowns (restocking this week!) — while upholding my quality and and care standards, I’m saying goodbye, a long goodbye, to bandana bibs and teething toys. And if one of my daughters invents a time-travel machine… we’ll revisit this!

This drooly baby was the best bib and teething toy tester!

Back-To-School Never Looked So Cool!

In the month of August I made, packaged, and shipped 269 items. Most of which were placemats and napkins for back-to-school!

I’ve been seeing pictures of our napkins in lunch boxes going to school (and coming back–yay)!

pen&thimble napkins set

Placemats heading to Montessori classrooms!

pen&thimble Montessori placemat


Back-to-school has been SO fun on the business end and on the personal side too!

My oldest starts pre-K at the elementary school on Tuesday and my husband and I were talking about making her first school lunch tomorrow. You know there will be a pen&thimble cloth napkin tucked in her bento box! A special one to make her smile and let her know I am thinking of her. (It’s this one!) She was eyeing it during our photoshoot and she loves dress-up and Halloween! I will be listening for her squeal at lunchtime … I’ll just be a few farm fields down the road!

pen&thimble napkin

What napkin print would make your little one smile at lunchtime? Tell me in the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! I’ll pick some of your suggestions to add to the shop next! The more far-out, the better!

Table Tales — Stories and Snacks

I hear you. You want sets! It took a number of custom orders for me to realize it, but I get it now! So in the past week, I’ve started adding placemat and napkin sets to the shop. And I’m especially excited about these first offerings because they promise to bring whimsical tales to your next snack or meal!


When you sit down for lunch, why not tell a tale of a couple of bears who went camping or a girl who took a basket to her grandma’s house and met a wolf on the way… These aren’t just placemat sets; they’re stories to share, lessons to learn, and imaginations ignited. Find your little bear cub or brave traveller a story set HERE.


And as always, these placemats and cloth napkins are easy to care for and made with love and care.

My business is based on my dual desires to 1) add cheer to childhood and 2) ease the frustrations of parenthood. Children love bright colors and whimsical items that are *theirs.* Parents love baby and kid goods that are thoughtful, easy to care for, and made to last. I strive to offer both in every fabric print I pull, every design I create, and every offering in my shop.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of love 9

I want to give you more of what you want! What other sets would you like to see? Visit my shop HERE and let me know what YOU want! I was thinking of combining crowns and necklaces for birthday gifts, coordinating bibs and teething toys. What would you pair with a feeding bib — a napkin or a placemat or something else? Let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook page.

I hope you have a wonderful story-filled week!


I Make Bibs…But Not For My Second Child!

The list of things I haven’t done with/for kid #2, that I did do with/for kid #1 could fill …the infinity stretch part of my old maternity jeans. …the long expanse of the night wherein I used to sleep. …the deep cavernous hole in my life that was once filled with finding something to do because I had time to fill.


In short, I’m a that regular mom who has dropped the ball with her second child in all of the usual ways but they sound super terrible when I list them…

  • I did not make a pregnancy book with my second because managing that pregnancy and a sensitive toddler took more time and energy than I had. With my first, the days felt like forever between the next week’s baby bump entry. You guys! Do you remember those long days before kids? Now let’s forget those days. We’re parents now those days aren’t for us anymore. 
  • I did not keep a baby book for my second because postpartum depression + baby and a toddler = management capacity. Memories-shmemories, I was just trying to get us through the day. Oh man I regret this one, but I do have tons of pictures and I kept milestone notes in the notes section of my phone. OMG I’m the worst mom ever. “Here is your beautiful baby book, Child #1. Here are a few shorthand notes I entered into my phone, Child #2.” Worst. Mom. Ever.
  • I haven’t taken my second to all of the baby sing-alongs, gymnastics classes, and play groups that I took my first to. She does get to do pre-K pick-up with me! So fun! 

So all things considered, I guess it isn’t a big deal that I never made any new feeding bibs for my second kid. I have clearly dropped the ball in major ways. And our feeding bib supply, although made for my first kid, still do the job!

But this is our real life. We are knee-deep in the good, bad, and temper tantrums. I may not always have all the details nice and tidy, but I will drop everything to do a puzzle when my youngest asks. She’s obsessed! My arms are always available for snuggles through the good and bad, and most importantly, I shower both of my girls with lots and lots of love and positive vibes all day long.

Happy To Be Kid #2

PS. Check out the durable bibs in my pen&thimble Etsy shop for your first, second, and third kid. 🙂