Kind of Like A Norman Rockwell

There was a moment last weekend, when things were nearly picture perfect. Like a Norman Rockwell illustration -- real, a bit silly, a hint of chaos emerging or recently visited...

Snug As A Bug Making Snow Angels

Um... Did you see all the new kids infinity scarves in the shop? This seems totally biased to say, but... these are the best kids scarves! And I only say that because they totally are. But let me tell you why... Whether you call it a tube scarf, cowl, infinity scarf, double loop scarf, I'm … Continue reading Snug As A Bug Making Snow Angels

Color The Rainbow…Then Eat It!

Is it just me or do fall/winter meals take way longer to prepare? Suddenly I find myself serving dinner at 6:30 when I started chopping at 5:30, because I forgot that roasting all those brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and squash takes way longer than grilling up a protein to serve with a salad. So instead … Continue reading Color The Rainbow…Then Eat It!

Santa In October? But I Just Want To Be A Burrito!

Autumn is my favorite season. I think I write that sentence in a blog post every year around this time. My reasons change a bit each year, but my love of the season is mostly about boots,  food -- butternut squash, brussels sprouts, warm apple cider -- and the free pass to snuggle indoors. #hyggelife … Continue reading Santa In October? But I Just Want To Be A Burrito!