A Long Goodbye, A Sale, And Time Travel. All In One Short Blog Post!

So… This post is difficult to write but also exciting. That’s what growth is a lot of the time I guess… difficult and exciting?

Saying Goodbye

I’m saying goodbye to the baby items in my Etsy shop. Goodbye, bandana bibs! Goodbye, teething toys! It was a difficult decision, but one I’m super excited about. Did I say excited? Hear me out!

Exciting Thing Number One: 30% Off Sale

Yes! Same pen&thimble quality and care at a clearance-sale price! Super absorbent bandana bibs are now $7 each. Teething toys that crinkle and snap onto an organic maple wood ring are now $9.10 — that’s nearly $4 savings!

Baby sale items can be conveniently found in the Baby Bibs + Toys 30% Off section in my Etsy Shop. No coupon codes to worry about at checkout. The sale price is already applied!


Exciting Thing Number Two: More Time To Make More Of What YOU Want

As your kids have grown, and my kids have grown, so have the offerings in my shop. But now I have so many different types of things for different ages and I find I’m struggling to keep them all stocked.

And I still want to be the sole-maker in this business — to know that quality and double-checks and care have gone into each item that I create and sell. And I still want to play with my family on the weekend. I want it all.

While trying to figure out how to get more time, I did write down “time travel.” They say to write EVERYTHING down when brainstorming! Haha!

So to make more of the things YOU want– which is overwhelmingly napkins, placemats, zipper pouches, and crowns (restocking this week!) — while upholding my quality and and care standards, I’m saying goodbye, a long goodbye, to bandana bibs and teething toys. And if one of my daughters invents a time-travel machine… we’ll revisit this!

This drooly baby was the best bib and teething toy tester!


Two customers last week got this DRAMATIC cliffhanger of a note in the mail with their wood ring purchases. I took care of it right away, but it made me giggle, so I thought I’d share my behind-the-scenes oopsie. Read the last bullet point below. When I reformatted the instructions they cut off right there.


DO NOT give the item to your child if it…. IF IT WHAT? WHAT? OH MY GOD!? WHY WON’T YOU TELL MEEEEEE?


Sent the full version to my customers as soon as I caught my mistake, which was the same day I shipped their orders. Haha! Mistakes happen, especially during sleep training week, but I’m always happy to laugh at myself and make it right (and then share it with you in case you want a giggle too)! 🙂

I Love You. Really! 

POST UPDATE: All out of freebies! Thank you! I truly support your business, follows, and moral support as I build my handmade business!

I’m working hard on creating new products, thinking about opening a second Etsy shop (OMG did I just think that aloud?), and making your new baby and teething baby purchases.

And you know what? I wouldn’t be here right now…dreaming up new products, researching fabrics and cardstock, and wrapping cute little bibs and baby toys without YOU!

You guys… You have purchased my products, given me feedback, cheered me on along the way, laughed at my puns (or pretended to). I appreciate you! *red heart emoji*

So I’m having a major customer appreciation event! Because I’m feeling the love and I appreciate it!

So here’s the deal:

  • Receive an organic cotton baby blankie with sensory tabs for FREE ($18 value) with any purchase in my Etsy shop!!
  • This appreciation event ends on Valentine’s Day or if supplies run out before then (I’ve already packaged up two).

If you prefer a rockets or farm blankie, let me know in the notes at checkout and I’ll try to honor your request. And thanks again you guys!!! You are the BEST!

New Year, New Baby Gear

So pumped to be back from holiday! Admittedly, I sewed a ton for the shop, but I also played with my family a ton!

Count Your Chickens is our favorite new board game. And You Choose is our favorite new book. And pen&thimble organic teething toys are our favorite new way to soothe baby’s gums. Check them out!

Tons of new baby and kid items in the shop! Along with classic favorites in new print options! Browse or shop!


New Year, New Baby Gear!