A Long Goodbye, A Sale, And Time Travel. All In One Short Blog Post!

So... This post is difficult to write but also exciting. That's what growth is a lot of the time I guess... difficult and exciting? Saying Goodbye I'm saying goodbye to the baby items in my Etsy shop. Goodbye, bandana bibs! Goodbye, teething toys! It was a difficult decision, but one I'm super excited about. Did I … Continue reading A Long Goodbye, A Sale, And Time Travel. All In One Short Blog Post!


Two customers last week got this DRAMATIC cliffhanger of a note in the mail with their wood ring purchases. I took care of it right away, but it made me giggle, so I thought I'd share my behind-the-scenes oopsie. Read the last bullet point below. When I reformatted the instructions they cut off right there. … Continue reading DO NOT MISS THIS DRAMATIC CLIFFHANG-

I Love You. Really! 

POST UPDATE: All out of freebies! Thank you! I truly support your business, follows, and moral support as I build my handmade business! I'm working hard on creating new products, thinking about opening a second Etsy shop (OMG did I just think that aloud?), and making your new baby and teething baby purchases. And you … Continue reading I Love You. Really! 

New Year, New Baby Gear

So pumped to be back from holiday! Admittedly, I sewed a ton for the shop, but I also played with my family a ton! Count Your Chickens is our favorite new board game. And You Choose is our favorite new book. And pen&thimble organic teething toys are our favorite new way to soothe baby's gums. … Continue reading New Year, New Baby Gear