From My Hands To Yours: Less-Waste Packaging + Shipping

All pen&thimble products are made by me in my dedicated sewing studio start to finish. I test and buy the fabric, pre-wash, cut, sew, embroider, design, and construct your items with my own two hands and the help of my sewing and embroidery machines.

Hand-constructed for you with care, thought, and consciously sourced materials!

I’m making conscious cuts when I construct items to eliminate textile waste. And the textile waste I do produce is recycled locally. 

Once the making is finished, I tag and wrap your items. All items are tagged with care/materials information using unbleached twine. From there, they are wrapped in a paper bag with a little washi for a pop of color! Remove the washi and recycle the bag! Easy-peasy!

Paper bags are a less-waste way to protect your items without being wrapped in plastic for a single journey.

Fun fact: This paper bag once saved a pen&thimble apron from a USPS red gooey mystery spill! Yay! Plastic-free protection!

I send out a lot of mail. As a primarily e-commerce business, my job is to make sure your items get to you safe-and-sound.

I’m now using amazing 100% recycled content poly mailers from EcoEnclose. They get products across North America securely, and have even safely shipped to Europe, Australia, and Asia too!

Not only are these mailers made entirely from waste, they can be reused as a mailer on your end and recycled again! Let’s keep that cycle going!

And when I get to sell locally — like 2 minutes down the road at my local farm share store — that’s special too!