Do I Look Like Santa? Imagination + Costume Bin = Our Summer

Both of my girls have been BIG into dress-up this summer! And it is getting hilariously whacky and fun! It started off as putting on a princess dress and claiming to be... a princess. But lately, their imaginations and costume bins are taking them to amazing pretend-play places! July Dress-Up Photo Gallery Crowns For All … Continue reading Do I Look Like Santa? Imagination + Costume Bin = Our Summer

Same pen&thimble Products, Extra Assurance!

I have always spent extra time searching for the BEST materials to create items--organic cotton, 100% natural cotton, thick waterproof PUL, organic wood rings that have passed safety tests. My priority has always been to make safe and effective products for babies and children; that means selecting and crafting¬†with quality materials. In addition to using … Continue reading Same pen&thimble Products, Extra Assurance!

New Year, New Baby Gear

So pumped to be back from holiday! Admittedly, I sewed a ton for the shop, but I also played with my family a ton! Count Your Chickens is our favorite new board game. And You Choose is our favorite new book. And pen&thimble organic teething toys are our favorite new way to soothe baby's gums. … Continue reading New Year, New Baby Gear