Lost Mail and Choosing Happy

In the nearly three years I’ve been selling on Etsy, I’ve had a first today. I found out that USPS lost a package…while it was out for delivery. (Oh it was so close!) Tracking confirms that it likely didn’t reach its destination. What is a very small business owner to do?

First, I looked at my policies.

Do I say, “I’m so sorry this happened, but I can’t control what USPS does once the package is shipped.” I could. It says so right there in my shop policies. The policy is a bit harsh, but it does make sense. Plus, I offer a shipping option that covers lost packages. But saying “sorry I can’t help you,” to a customer who is already bummed out about a lost package isn’t very pen&thimble-y. And quite frankly, the world could use some extra kindness and compassion these days.

Next, I looked at my business Mission Statement. It is my business beacon. I should have looked here first!

Mission Statement:

pen&thimble offers designs and quality handmade gifts for children and babies that are both functional and fun. Each item I create is comprised of designer fabric, quality materials, sewn and tested for safety and longevity, and is compliant with CPSC standards for Children’s Products. Happy customers, both the little ones and their caregivers, are of upmost importance to us, so we pride ourselves in building positive customer relationships.

– pen&thimble by Gillian Freeman

So there you have it. A big part of my mission is to try to make happy customers and to build positive customer relationships. I’ve got this! (Or at least I’ll try!)

package taped up and ready to ship

In the business of sending happy vibes and tons of washi tape!