Quilting for Sanity

Hi. I have been struggling to hold it together. Here I am. A brown woman in America, raising two girls, building a small handmade business, trying (and failing) to stay positive hopeful semi-sane in this current political climate. It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned anything political here, which is nuts because it is on my mind all day and night. I’m trying to keep my business separate but it isn’t, is it? I can’t separate my business from current events any more than I can separate the melanin from my body. And in both cases, I wouldn’t want to. img_5310

When it all becomes too much, I turn to quilt block construction. I don’t sell quilts. It’s just for me. Small fussy-cuts, small pieces fitting together to build something larger. It’s an obvious metaphor. It is my happy space. My meditation. What do you do for self-care? (I also find wine and positive small actions toward change help too. Hoping these emails, postcards, and phone calls all come together to make a beautiful quilt block of awesome-er America.)


Be well and have a great day. ❤