Lunch is in the box!

I am selectively/randomly resistant to fads. And the bento box fad was one I had selected (with no reason) to resist. But my friends got in my head one day and after preparing a lunch of my 4 year-olds choice only to be met with her tears and refusal to eat, I Amazon-primed a darn bento box. (Not the $80 one because yikes!)

You guys… I am now living in bento box heaven! I’m filling those little compartments! Phee thinks lunch is so fun. I love to watch what she’ll eat first. Sometimes it is the broccoli (what?!) Sometimes it is the M&M’s in the homemade trail mix (that’s more like it).
But lunch is different every day. The way she eats it is different every day. And now we both look forward to lunch time!

What is your lunchtime secret weapon? 

Don’t forget to slip a pen&thimble placemat or napkin in your bento box too! Also these aspen+oak little totes are the perfect size for taking your bento box to go!