Last-Minute Mama Bear


My daughter’s preschool had a fun forest animals party last month. They made a cake in the shape of a turtle! They each selected an animal to research and report about at school. My honeybee chose the bear. We had so much fun learning about bears!

Did you know that pandas aren’t bears?

Did you know that bears don’t really hibernate? They sleep for a better part of winter, but on warm days they leave their dens to find food.

Your. Mind. Is. Blown.

The morning of the party I had the last-minute idea to make her a bear headband. I didn’t have brown felt, but forged ahead. I said last-minute but I made the decision as they were putting on all the winter gear, so I really had 5 minutes.

So she looked like a yellow mouse, but that’s life and her favorite color!

Any other last-minute mama bears out there? 

DIY Trash Bin Salt Dough Ornaments

Step One: Gather Bowl, Flour, Salt, Warm Water, And Measuring Cups

Step Two: Scoop And Pour Without Being Concerned With Ratios

Step Three: Knead Dough With Big Hands And Little

Step Four: Cut The Dough In Two Pieces

Step Five: Roll out a Dough Disk For Handprints

Step Six: Pop In An Oven That Is Too Hot And Note That You Definitely Added Way Too Much Flour And Trash Them

So… Does anyone have a fool-proof salt dough recipe? Obviously I’m in need! Help!