Ballet and Taxes

Yesterday, my daughter was begging me to go play in the nearby park — specifically the sand box. It would have been a great idea, if we could put aside the frigid temps, polar wind, and the fact that the sand she wanted to play in was underneath ice-covered snow (and my ice pick is in storage).

My daughter is a toddler, so I did what any good mom would do, I tricked her into running an errand with me instead compromised with her. Our compromise was “going to town.” She liked the sound of that, so we bundled up, took a break mid-bundle…

Don't underestimate the effort and sweat that goes into putting pants on a toddler.

Don’t underestimate the effort and sweat that goes into putting pants on a toddler.

…finished bundling up, and braved the frigid temps, polar wind, ice patches, and shame of wearing pants (toddler life).

First stop, a toddler’s dream really, Town Hall. Mama had a plan. I filed a “DBA” Certificate for pen&thimble while toddler squeaked her boots on the waxed wood floor. Win-win! We left Town Hall $65 poorer but immensely pleased with ourselves. I had declared my business and toddler had made funny noises with her feet. And to think she wanted to go to the park! Ha! Mama knows where the real fun is, kid!

Squeaky and Legit!

Squeaky and Legit! A happy pair!

Afterward, we shared a celebratory lunch at the closest local sandwich shop. It was delicious! When we had our fill of the most delicious chicken sandwich we had ever eaten, toddler decided that it was time to go home and do ballet. She was right.

Pants free and tutu on, my toddler danced the ballet while I applied for an Employer Identification Number so that I can pay federal taxes too — didn’t want to leave all the fun to local/state collectors.

I’m officially and legitimately self-employed! Also, I’m pregnant and in my third trimester. Because why wouldn’t I want to start a business and a family at the same time? Oh 2015, this is going to be an interesting year!