Tiny Foodies: What They Eat Today, They Will Certainly Reject Tomorrow

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Because our local delivery drivers can pretty much drive to my house with their eyes closed and know my children by name, I’ve decided that I have to work harder to collect recipes and make easy meals more regularly.

I’ll be sharing them here and in my Quick&Easy Recipe Roundup page and I hope you will share your whole family-approved meals with me! And as you will see below, my definition of “kid-approved,” when it comes to meals, is very forgiving. 😅

Here are some yummy recipes I’ve have made a few times now with much success and happy bellies. These are whole family approved…well parts of them anyway…

Superfood Quinoa Soup by Damn Delicious 

  • 19 month-old loves the quinoa and broccoli.
  • 4 year-old likes the broth and carrots.
  • Husb and I like it allllll!

Simple Chili by Pioneer Woman 

  • Has a kick to it and husb and I love it.
  • Kids ate the bread I served with it…and fruit. #reallife

Tips For Roasting Fall and Winter Veggies

  • I love all roasted veggies always–breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert. You don’t really need a recipe. Just toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary, and oregano!
  • Husb politely tolerates roated veggies and my extreme enthusiasm for them.
  • Both girls usually like roasted brussels sprouts (but I just jinxed that, didnt I?) and broccoli every third Monday under the waning moon.
  • 4 year-old is not a fan of sweet potato or squash roasted up, but loves roasted yellow potatoes.
  • 19 month-old likes sweet potato but not squash or regular old potatoes.
  • Got it? Me neither. But they are welcome to pick out what they like and figure it out  for themselves. And tomorrow I’ll just order delivery and they can pick at someone else’s food. 🙂

Tell me what your family is eating and not eating in the comments below. Seriously, I want to know! Or join me on my Tiny Foodies board on Pinterest where I’m looking for all pins related to feeding babies and bigger kids–gear, healthy snacks ideas, recipes, any of it!