What My Three Year Old Taught Me About Goal Accomplishment

This is not another potty training blog post, except it kinda is. In September of 2015, all of Phee’s local buddies were potty training so I thought we should ride their momentum and join in. Phee had just turned 3, but was not that into it. She could make things happen, so to speak, to earn treats like M&Ms and Palace Pets (which come with teeny tiny choking hazard brushes, but I digress).

For a week she was like the Princess of the Potty. Then the treats stopped. I was too broke for any more Palace Pets and eating all of the M&Ms when no one was looking. When the treats stopped, so did all of of Phee’s interest in the potty. So rather than cleaning up pee all day, I popped some pull-ups on that. Because sanity.

Cut to Phee’s first year of pre-K coming to an end last month. I mentioned that when she was ready, we’d start trying to wear undies and going potty on the potty again later in the summer. I was pretty sure she didn’t hear more or care because she didn’t say anything. A few days later, she told me she had a question for me…

Phee: Mom, I have a question for you…

Me: Sure, what is it?

Phee: When preschool is over I’m going to be a big girl and wear undies and go pee pee in the potty. (All of her questions are statements)

Me: OK!

Cut to a week later, a Friday, the day after the last day of pre-K. Phee announced that she wanted to wear undies and go potty in the potty. I thought, “Wait, what? You were serious?” But I said, “Yeah you do!” And she’s in it to win it. Is it all going perfectly as planned? No. But she’s serious and focused on her goal.

So I’m taking a lesson from my 3yo. Setting goals, specific start times for my goals, and going all in with focus and determination. Missteps are just that, not insurmountable obstacles. I won’t let little hiccups discourage me and I know the reward is achieving the goal!

So get those big girl undies on (see what I did there) and set a goal for this summer and don’t let go. What is your goal? When are you going to start? Tell me! I want to know!

My goal: Get in a local shop I’ve had my eyes on. I will approach them in September. My goal is far in the distance because we are hoping to move this summer and I love my family too much to try to accomplish a big goal in the midst of a big move. But I will be breaking my goal into smaller steps and working on them in these summer months.

Your turn!

*Featured toilet paper roll image courtesy of hyena reality at FreeDigitalPhotos.net. Although I added the smiley face! 🙂