A pen&thimble Christmas Story

My 3 year-old daughter told me a Christmas story and I’d like to share it with you all…

I’m going to ask Santa for you, mom, for Christmas. Then my mommy and daddy and my baby are going to say, “What did Santa bring you?” And I’m going to say, “YOOOOOOU!”

So there are two ways my overtired brain can think of to interpret this story:

  1. My daughter thinks that I am the best person in all the land and I’m a gift. She doesn’t need any toys. She has me. (Riiiiight…)
  2. I’m working too much and she is so starved for my attention that she is asking Santa for a more engaged mom.

So to play it safe, I’m taking a little shop break until the New Year. My husband is like, “Cool, so still sewing whenever you can minus the packaging and shipping?” Yes. 🙂

I’ll be back in 2016 with more inventory, more silliness, and some new products I’ve been dreaming up (and am already working on)!

Have a great end-of-December and a Happy New Year!

Love the pen&thimble team!