Reuse or Lose: Our Month Of No Excuses Reusable Grocery Bag Use

We’ve all been there. We pull up to the grocery store with 1-3 kids in tow and we forgot our reusable bags. We huff at ourselves, but it’s too late to go back. We’re getting this shopping done.

BUT! What if, for a month, my family makes the rule that we aren’t allowed to get the shopping done if it means bagging in plastic or paper? The consequence is a drive back home to get those bags we forgot or buying MORE reusable bags. Could that cure my family of forgetting bags?

Real talk: We hate wasting money and time, so I think we’ll be coming up with a perfect reusable bag system in no time.

Our One-Month Mission To Never Forget Our Reusable Bags Again!
Our mission: This! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

This February, my husband and I are going 100% plastic (and paper) bag free. And not like last month’s Paper Towel Ban when we realized we do appreciate the occasional paper towel. We really hate getting those plastic bags so we are focusing, giving ourselves consequences, and forcing ourselves to stop.

This is a bigger deal for my husband since he does most of our grocery shopping. So big applause for him being on board. And not just because I’m writing about it, but because he’s super into it!! Yayyyy Patrick!!!!

Our Supplies

  1. Reusable Shopping Bags. Mostly freebies we’ve collected over the years.
  2. Reusable Produce Bags. Yes! Handmade from pen&thimble! We use these! Have held up and wash well (especially on CSA day when our veggies are sporting that gorgeous earth on them still).
  3. Determination. Failure is not an option.
Our One-Month Mission To Use Reusable Grocery and Reusable Produce Bags No Matter What!

Who is with us? A month of no-excuses when it comes to those plastic bags! Have thoughts, suggestions, or want to join in? Look for this image on Instagram in my feed @penandthimble with hashtag #wastefreecurious. I’ll be posting about our experiences on Instagram and I’ll be back here on the blog with an update later this month!